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Ebusbar EV Charging Service

Main Function

Online chargingThe user queries the nearby charging station through the APP or Wechat applet, charging by himself, and completes the mobile payment online.

Charging operationTo realize efficient and convenient charging business process through 2 APPs, 1 applet, 1 background and multiple charging devices.

Operation and maintenance monitoringThrough the operation and management background, the operation status of the charging device is monitored, and the charging station personnel are promptly fed back.

Statistical analysisStatistical operation data, revenue and expenditure details, easy to control the operation status of major charging stations, to facilitate timely and reasonable adjustments.

Operational warningReal-time reminding the operation status of the charging pile, the problem of equipment failure, offline, etc., will be sent to the operator in time.

Cloud services can be customizedYou can choose your own brand management and customize your own cloud service according to your needs.

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