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Release time:2017-08-02

   OnJuly 30th, Liang Haichao, the manager of Zunyi Ebusbar Jinjia Department, ledby Director Liu and Director Fan of Nanshan Village of Nanguan Office, came tothe special families around the company and sent them love funds and dailynecessities.

   We walked to Yang Xiuhao's home. Yang Xiuhao was suffering from physical dysplasiadue to congenital diseases. He is 6 years old this year, but hislegs are still weak and can't run freely and carefree like other children. .When we arrived, Yang Xiuhao’s grandmother was sorting out the waste cartons infront of her door. Yang Xiuhao was sitting quietly on the only bamboo sofa inthe house, watching us into his home with curiosity. then In the cordialgreetings of Manager Liang, a smile was raised. Then in the cordial greetings of ManagerLiang, he showed a sly smile.

YangXiuhao’s grandmother told us that although the family has been living a poorlife because of the treatment of Yang Xiuhao’s disease, it is gratifying thatYang Xiuhao is very well-behaved.When we left, Yang Xiuhao’s grandmother hadbeen saying thankful words to us, and even left tears of emotion. We sincerelyhope that Yang Xiuhao’s will be recovered soon, bringing comfort to theelderly.