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Release time:2018-08-27

  Underthe leadership of Chairman Lin Guojun, Ebusbar has participated in variouspublic welfare activities such as poverty alleviation, road construction anddonation, and donated to the society. Lin Guojun said that donating money toteach is a great undertaking that is conducive to the present and benefitingthe future. In 2018, the “Ebusbar Student Aid Fund” was established toencourage outstanding students and teachers to support students from poorfamilies and encourage them to study hard and improve themselves. In thefuture, return to society and be a communicator of love!

  Onthe morning of March 26, 2019, Ma Mengyang, deputy general manager of ZunyiEbusbar, and Qu Xueyan, head of human resources department, delivered the“Ebusbar Student Fund” in the spring semester of 2019 at the Fenghua TownCenter School in Shuyang County. The school leaders and more than 2,300Teachers and students attended the event together.