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Fast Cloud Clothes | After-sales Service Platform

Kuaidian Cloud Service is a platform to help users solve the after-sales service of new energy vehicles. The user applies for repair on the Ebusbar WeChat public number, the maintenance person receives the message will go for home repair, and feedback to the management background.

Product introduction

  • Apply for maintenance on mobile terminal

    1、Apply for Online repair

    2. Online payment

    3. Order evaluation

  • After-sales orders’ side

    1. Online order

    2. Receive more after-sales projects

    3. Feedback repair results

  • Mobile management side

    1. Online order distribution

    2. View the repair order status

  • Operation management platform

    1. Work Order Management

    2. Material Management

    3. Customer Profile

    4. Financial Review

    5. Invoice Management

After-sale Maintenance Site

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As the earliest new energy vehicle equipment and charging service provider in China, we adhere to the spirit of “Services to Move Customers”, providing convenient, standardized and professional home charging pile installation services and construction of charging stations in public areas and charging services for new energy vehicle users.

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