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Mode 2 Charging Box

Safe and reliable, simple and elegant, easy to carry

Ebusbar Mode 2 Charging Box is a high-protection portable electric vehicle charging device. The input end adopts the national standard three plugs, the middle of the charging cable integrates the charging and control system for control and protection, and the output end uses the electric vehicle conductive charging connection plug. It is a charging device that provides AC charging for small electric vehicles. It mainly provides charging for electric cars in shopping malls, hotels and personal parking garages.

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Product parameters:

•Output / input voltage: 220V/110V AC ± 20%

•Output / input current: 8A/13A

•Rated power: 1.76KW/2.86KW

•Output mode: AC charging gun or power socket

•Operating temperature: -20°C~+50°C

•Operating humidity: 5%~95% RH (no condensation)

•Protection level: IP54

•Insulation resistance: 1000VDC, 60S≥10MΩ

•Leakage protection: TYPE A/ TYPE B

•Storage temperature: -40°C~+70°C

•Mechanical life: 10,000 cycles

•Output method: AC charging gun

•Protection level: control box IP65, output charging gun IP54

•Withstand voltage: L, N to PE> 2000V AC

•Insulation resistance: 1000V DC

•Duty cycle PWM: 13.3% (8A), 21.7% (13A)


•Compact dimension, simple and elegant appearance, easy to carry, easy to operate, comprehensive and cost-effective

•LED display

•High-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, leakage, grounding, short-circuit, over-temperature and other safety protection functions

•Compatible with 8A-13A different charging currents

•Input three plugs can be selected according to requirements

•Output charging gun head can be selected according to demand

•Support 2G/4G communication, GPRS positioning and Bluetooth communication











Current Max 250A 250A 200A 200A 130A 35A 23A 23A 23A
800V 1000V 1000V 800V 800V 800V 800V 800V 800V 800V
Hole position 2 2 2 2.3 2 2.3.4 3 2 2
Shell material ADC12 PA66 ADC12 PA66 ADC12 ADC12 ADC12 PA66 PA66
Anti-touch IP2XB
Wire diameter (mm²) 35,50,70 50,70 35,50 25,35,50 16,25,35 2.5 ,4,6 2.5 ,4 2.5 ,4 2.5 ,4
Error proofing A,Y A,Y,Z,U A,Y,Z,U A,Y,Z A,Y,Z A,Y,Z,U,V A,B A,Y,Z,U,V A,Y,Z,U,V
Outbound direction 90°,180° 90°,180° 90°,180° 90°,180° 90°,180° 180° 180° 180° 90°
Cable type Single core shielded cable Single core shielded cable Single core shielded cable Single core shielded cable Single core shielded cable Single core shielded cable Single core shielded cable Single core shielded cable Single core shielded cable