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Ceramic sealing structure

The high-voltage DC relay EVC1000 adopts a ceramic sealed structure. When the current of 4000A is 300V, it can carry more than 1000A. The high-voltage DC relay EVC600 can maintain stable contact resistance no matter how bad the environment is.

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Product introductionApplication areaModel description

1.Adopt ceramic sealing structure; the internal arc extinguishing chamber of the product is filled with hydrogen mixed gas; combined with magnetic blow extinguishing, the current of 4000A can be cut off when the current is 300V, and the continuous current carrying current is more than 1000A.
2.Built-in coil energy-saving board, 7W low holding power, and coil induced electromotive force is 0.
3.The models with auxiliary contacts can monitor the position of the main contacts in real time, and are suitable for charging pile products where the main contacts are required to be monitored in real time.
The main/auxiliary contacts placed in a sealed hydrogen mixed reducing gas environment will not be easily polluted or oxidized even if installed in the harshest environment. The products have been approved by CCC, CQC, CE, CB, and passed the TS16949 system.

Mechanical characteristics
Mechanical life:2×105 Ops
Electrical life450V DC 350A 3000Ops , 750V DC 350A 1000 Ops , 450V DC 1000A 100Ops
Ambient temperature-40℃ to +85℃
Humidity5% to 85 % R.H.

Electrical characteristics
Insulation resistance:Min.100MΩ 500V DC
Between contacts2500V AC 60Sec.10mA
Between contact and coil:2500V AC 60 Sec.10mA
Coil voltage9~36 DC
Holding current0.54A@12VDC   0.24A@24VDC
Pull-in voltage≤9VDC  释放电压 Release voltage≥5VDC
 Energy saving modePWM

Environmental characteristics
working temperature-40℃~85℃

Features and advantages
Ceramic sealing structure
Magnetic blow out arc
Low energy consumption
High contact reliability











Current Max 250A 250A 200A 200A 130A 35A 23A 23A 23A
800V 1000V 1000V 800V 800V 800V 800V 800V 800V 800V
Hole position 2 2 2 2.3 2 2.3.4 3 2 2
Shell material ADC12 PA66 ADC12 PA66 ADC12 ADC12 ADC12 PA66 PA66
Anti-touch IP2XB
Wire diameter (mm²) 35,50,70 50,70 35,50 25,35,50 16,25,35 2.5 ,4,6 2.5 ,4 2.5 ,4 2.5 ,4
Error proofing A,Y A,Y,Z,U A,Y,Z,U A,Y,Z A,Y,Z A,Y,Z,U,V A,B A,Y,Z,U,V A,Y,Z,U,V
Outbound direction 90°,180° 90°,180° 90°,180° 90°,180° 90°,180° 180° 180° 180° 90°
Cable type Single core shielded cable Single core shielded cable Single core shielded cable Single core shielded cable Single core shielded cable Single core shielded cable Single core shielded cable Single core shielded cable Single core shielded cable