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Second rate R & D staff
Have a solid theoretical foundation of busbar, practice the laminated busbar, the electric vehicle charging connector, high voltage connector R & D team with rich experience. Most researchers worked in the electric car of new energy enterprises at home and abroad participated in the international first-class R & D, important products, familiar with the standard connector industry, the application of new technology, so in accordance with the international standards of product quality, suitable for the development of different customers with high quality, high pressure laminated busbar connector and electric vehicle charging terminal products and services. The R & D team is able to respond quickly to the needs of the customer's non - standard products. The company's core products and technology are R & D team, independent research and development, and in many technologies and applications have a national patent. The company also has a high level of international experts in all areas of the Advisory Group, for the company's technology and product promotion has given valuable valuable professional advice and guidance, and promote the company's R & D standards.
The concentration of effective project management
Busbar adhere to customer demand-oriented product development and innovation. Established according to different product development platform for collaborative work between the various stages of product lifecycle collaboration and management and the various stages of product development or part of the relevant departments and relevant personnel. To ensure that the project team has a clear goal and smooth communication channels and a high degree of cohesion; and ensure that the project team members can also complement each other in various aspects of skills and expertise, to maximize the use of the resources optimization.