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Ebusbar Connects A Green World

Shenzhen Busbar Sci-Tech Development Co.,Ltd. (Ebusbar) is a service-oriented and high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, manufacturing, marketing and sales of low carbon and high performance products which are widely used in renewable energy industry. Ebusbar covers production lines including laminated bus bar, soft bus bar, EV charging connector, EV charging terminal, HV connector, relay, power system and integrated solution for EV like PDU, VCU, Bidirectional DC/DC, on-board charger, etc, which enable it to satisfy the global development of EV, solar energy, smart grid, etc. In addition, Ebusbar has expanded business scope from component manufacturing to charging service provision, and started investing in EV charging infrastructure construction and charging management system development.

As one of the pioneers stepped into EV business in China, Ebusbar has successfully accomplished quite many influential projects for domestic and overseas clients, and has consequently gathered know-how and rich experience in real-problem solving. Ebusbar will keep on providing our clients with professional and innovative solution, prompt and flexible service, competitive price and high-quality products.


Company development mileage

          In November 2016 the establishment of Guangzhou Yun Yun Technology Co., Ltd.
In April 2016 the busbar group and the Huazhong University of Science and Technology signed a strategic agreement of cooperation
March 2016 Henan busbar Technology Development Co. Ltd. was established, to complete the Yantian charging station construction
Guizhou in February 2016 and reached a strategic cooperation cloud Valley Zunyi public transport group, the establishment of New Energy Bus Demonstration Line
In November 2015 successfully completed construction of Pingshan gymnasium busbar charging station project
Complete the construction of the August 2015 Zunyi Industrial Park, covers an area of 500 acres, busbar Internet car innovation service platform on the line
Busbar power system division was established in May 2015, mainly covers the motor controller, charger and other products. Guizhou Yungu New Energy Operation Co. Ltd. was established
January 2015 Shenzhen Qianhai busbar Charging Network Services Limited was established, to charge the service as the foundation, to provide comprehensive solutions for the electric vehicle manufacturers, distributors and end users
Busbar controller division was established in September 2014, product range for the relay and high voltage distribution box
In August 2014 jointly established a new energy busbar family covers charging network, vehicle operation etc.
In May 2014, Guizhou Bijie branch was established, covering an area of 100 acres
In February 2014, the company passed the connector CQC certification
In October 2013 moved into the new factory in Pingshan
In March 2013, the company passed the TS16949 system certification
In February 2013, the Chinese Academy of Sciences cooperated with the Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences to study carbon fiber in battery box
In December 2012, China won the national high and new technology and Shenzhen hi tech Enterprises
In October 2012, the "new energy automotive industry technology innovation project" was supported by the government
In November 2011, the national new energy vehicle connection system was funded by the government
In September 2011 the establishment of high voltage connector project department
In August 2011, the company passed ISO14000 and ISO9001 certification
May 2011 charging pile research and development success
Charging connector was established in August 2010
Charging pile project department was established in July 2010
The bus project department was established in May 2010
In April 2010 the establishment of busbar