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Market is the direction of enterprise, quality is the life of enterprise
The market is the sea, the enterprise is the ship, the quality is the sail, and the man is the helmsman
Customer is our God, quality is God's need
Our strategy is to win by quality
Market competition is different, love the weak, not innovation, breakthrough only out
It's not easy to win a customer, it's easy to lose a client
Improve after-sales service quality, improve customer satisfaction
Complain about the incident, speed up, customer satisfaction and joy
Not taut quality string, can not play the market tune
Manufacturing depends on low costs and competition depends on quality
Customers think we should do, customers do not expect, we have to do
Pay attention to contracts, ensure quality: punctual delivery, strict commitment
The brand of the product is the symbol of quality
Team spirit slogan:
1, the "new two": new opportunities, new challenges, new markets; service is only a starting point, with no end point
2, put my heart in your hand
3, self-confidence, integrity, intentions, innovation
4, net memory bosom friend, Tianya if neighbor
5, "hard and solid, good faith commitment, practical work effectiveness": hard work style, solid foundation of the enterprise; to honest faith, commitment to first-class enterprise services; to do the work of the essence;
God created efficient enterprise performance, with high standards, strict requirements, never satisfied, never ending to higher requirements
6, two, a pioneering ": political, cultural and technical studies; and the economic efficiency of enterprises, creating first-class telecommunications services; flexible management, develop new ideas for development.
7, pioneering and innovative, based on the market and development; high quality, efficient, hard service for the user
8, the best from the busbar to create comfortable life