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Relay and contactor HVDC busbar - new energy
2017-05-25 09:36:07

In the rapid growth of new energy environment, Basba with a guest mode of thinking, from the core of the new energy vehicle parts production to research and development of core components, invested about 1000000000 to build 600 thousand m2 production base in Zunyi, and the government financial support, and cooperate with a number of research institutes and Universities, the establishment of laboratory and research building their own development platform; perfect and convenient to create customized team;

Customer thinking and manufacturing under the background of a hero in busbar paste, add from the world's top 500 elite team, 2014 to 2016 in a short period of time, the successful launch of "EVR square", "round EVC two series high voltage DC relay and contactor, and widely support and application of domestic and foreign vehicle factory;
High voltage DC busbar relay and contactor adopts high temperature vacuum brazing technology, sealing process by injecting mixed gas and laser welding, maintain a clean working environment, to achieve long service life, and from raw materials to the various components of a large number of testing and certification work, adopt the special magnetic blowing process to achieve rapid quenching and effectively prevent the arc. At the same time through many discussions and experiments, specific materials, the adhesion, burst, misoperation, provide security guarantee reliable;

High voltage DC busbar relay and contactor and an energy saving device PWM and auxiliary contact type, the high security at the same time, reduce the consumption of the products, to strengthen the ability of on-off faults, and the environment in a variety of tests of vibration, high temperature, low temperature, humidity in high frequency test, to ship 100% detection;

Busbar "EVR square" "EVC round" two series high voltage DC relay and contactor; cover the full range of 10A~350A, 12~1000V, and is compatible with all of the market square and circular relay and contactor, a full range of full size replacement;


Our advantage
Powerful R & D team
Design and research team from top 500 companies in the world, and cooperate with several research institutes and institutions
Have a sound quality management system
Ts16949, ISO9001&14000
Advanced production equipment and automatic production line
With an annual production capacity of 1 million, 2000 square meters ten thousand grade purification workshop
Advanced and well tested equipment
600KW electrical life testing system, a full range of environmental testing system
With many customer resources
Busbar relay with high performance price ratio, low on resistance, long life, energy saving, the actual load capacity and other advantages, and has been Nanjing Jinlong, FAW, Beiqi, Shaanxi, Zhongche, Zotye, BMW, Renault and other well-known domestic and foreign OEM cooperation;
Product range, specifications complete
EVR series (square), EVC series (round) load range: current 10A~300 A, voltage 12~1000VDC, to meet the needs of different customers


Application examples of high voltage direct current relay
The relay can be widely used in electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, fuel cell vehicles, photovoltaic power generation, wind power generation, cloud server power supply, battery charging and discharging system of DC voltage, power control and heavy machinery equipment of DC high voltage field.