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School of electrical and busbar companies signed a cooperation agreement
2016-11-30 19:07:36

School of electrical and busbar Technology Development Co. Ltd. held a cooperation agreement signing ceremony. Chinese Academy of engineering, electric pan yuan vice secretary of the Party committee secretary Wen Jinyu, Wang Xuedong, vice president Qu Ronghai, Professor Duan Shanxu, busbar technology development limited company chairman Lin Guojun, President of investment Minggang Li, deputy general manager Li Yongsheng, assistant chairman Zhou Yuan attended the ceremony.
Wen Jinyu welcomed the guests and introduced the busbar company, development history, College of discipline, strength, teachers, scientific research achievements, expressed willingness to cooperate with the company actively busbar.
Li Minggang introduces the situation of the company. Lin Guojun explained the intention to cooperate. In recent years, the company achieved a busbar pattern, forming a big platform, big data, cloud services, experience area is one of the integrated service platform. Lin Guojun also introduced the company in cooperation with the Tsinghua University project cases, introduces the general situation of the project, development plan, major issues of preparation, platform construction (including the public record platform, supply chain platform, operating platform, electronic business platform), cooperation mode (project cooperation and set up joint R & D Center).
The two sides exchanged views on the direction and channels for cooperation. Pan Yuan said that the Electrical Institute in the electrical, electromagnetic, electrical control has a very mature technology, but the two sides should consider each other's needs, to find a breakthrough point of cooperation in order to achieve a win-win situation. Wen Jinyu said that the research group led by Duan Shanxu has some advantages in the research of related technology, the college has the research in terms of data, and the research direction of the electric car is also the Institute, both sides have great cooperation in space.
At the meeting, Wen signed a cooperation agreement on behalf of the Institute of electrical and forestry.